Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome! Yes, it's me, Savannah Rose! New blog, new life, new dreams. Over the past tens or more years, I've struggled to get my name out in the world of Romance Authors. Through those years, I've made many mistakes when it came to my writing career. Even though there is still much for me to learn, here I plan to share some of my struggles, triumphs, and a few excerpts of my novels or novels I enjoy reading.

I'm not a regular blogger so if there are weeks or even a month that goes by without a post, don't worry, I'm still around and will pop up when you least expect it. As of tomorrow, I will be vacationing in the mountains of Gatlinburg with my husband and my son so I hope to get an idea of where this blog site will go. Until I return, spread the word about my new blog and feel free to check out my Author Savannah Rose blog as well. authorsavannahrose.blogspot.com